[Bioshock Part 1] Hell's Sanctuary

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[Bioshock Part 1] Hell's Sanctuary Empty [Bioshock Part 1] Hell's Sanctuary

Post by banehaven on Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:08 am

My eyes shot open, I had fell asleep on the squishy sofa. Darn sofa had won me again, curses.

My diving suit creaked as I got up, the hinges was rusty. Got to find some oil for that afterwards. I looked at a clock that I managed to salvage from some Splicer, its hands pointed at Eleven hours, fifty-seven minutes.

Whether it is night or day, I no longer knew.

I picked up my Rivet Gun and contemplate on whether I should bring my other weaponry along. Thinking against it, I lumbered forwards towards the exit of my home.

Hmm, home, if you could call it that.

'Home' was the once Boiler Room remade into a living quarters by me.

Junk was sorted nicely into neat boxes depending on what kind of junk it was. Ornaments hung from the ceiling and posters riveted unto the walls (Sun-Beam Gum! The only gum in rapture with Vitamin D! Raptures favorite gum!).

I stopped before the door and opened one of the many lockers that filled the walls. I unbolted my helmet and took it off, my hands reached for one of the nicer looking helmets when my eye caught my reflection in a broken mirror.

I will be frank when I say that I'm not handsome. Well, better looking than those Splicers anyway. Seeing as I didn't obsessed about drugs or anything.

I took out the nicer helmet that I reserved mainly for indoor maintenance and bolted it on.

I took one final look at my 'home', and exited.

My 'home'.

My only sanctuary in this hell.

Its Monday and its Midnight, what the hell am I still doing up here.

Goodnight folks.

Edit: By the way, I'll be making the next chapter way longer than this. So that it'll be worth making a new thread. If not, I'll just re-edit a previous thread and edit the OP.

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