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Pirisan Sriskantharasa Cooking Saga Empty Pirisan Sriskantharasa Cooking Saga

Post by Yeuyo on Sat May 25, 2013 7:23 pm

Chapter 1:
Once upon a time, there was a man named Pirisan Sriskantharasa, he was a man that don't know how to cook, but he still manage to live his life because there's someone who can cook for him and all the shops around him that actually sell him cooked food. Also because of how convinience the word Pirisan Sriskantharasa live in, he never knew how bad it is to not know how to cook. He has maintain a lifestyle of not bothering to cook until he gets into his university life where he got taunted by y^2's adopted sister, Ragi everyday. In the end, Pirisan Stiskantharasa promised he would learn how to cook during the summer break, of which he immediately change it to the next summer of the time he made that promise...will our Pirisan Sriskantharasa manage to keep his promise? Or will he get sidetracked by some other stuffs? Or will our Pirisan Sriskantharasa lost himself by Ragi's taunting before he even learns how to cook? Stay tuned for the next episode of Pirisan Sriskantharasa's Cooking Saga!

Chapter 2:
Welcome back to Piri's Cooking Saga Part 2!
Pirisan Sriskantharasa who finally decided to cook, so he told his mom that he will pack his lunch tomorrow but doesn't know how to cook decided to start with by making chicken sandwiches, but he who doesn't know how to prepare chicken for the sandwich have trouble making the chicken sandwiches as well while thinking of the solution, Pirisan Sriskantharasa went to sleep.

The next day, Pirisan Sriskantharasa's mom saw Pirisan Sriskantharasa overslept and didn't manage to pack his lunch for him and packed it for him, all Pirisan Sriskantharasa did was put the sandwiches her mom make into a container and bring it to the university, and try to get Ragi to believe he make it, but Ragi found out in the end and make fun of Pirisan Sriskantharasa. The next morning, Pirisan Sriskantharasa try to make the sandwiches again, but he who knows nothing cannot start making a complicated dish such as a chicken sandwiches...but, the Ragi's taunting continues to stay in his head, that gives him the motivation to continues despite knowing nothing about cooking, he leap out for the first step...by opening the fridge! In there he found some ready made chicken slices and cheese slices of which his mom has bought and used them to prepare the sandwiches yesterday, he simply put the slices in between 2 slices of bread and there goes Pirisan Sriskantharasa's first hand made food...the chicken sandwiches! He was so happy that he finally able to create food by himself that he made extra to share them with Y^2. Now that Pirisan Sriskantharasa have learnt how to make chicken sandwiches, what would happen next? Would Pirisan Sriskantharasa continue his new found skills in cooking? Will he made more legendary dishes? Will he be so lucky forever? Or will he gets lazier and decided to give up cooking!? Stay tuned for the next episode of Pirisan Sriskantharasa's Cooking Saga!

Chapter 3:
Welcome to Pirisan Sriskantharasa's Cooking Saga part 3! Where the adventures of Pirisan Sriskantharasa try to adapt to the ever so complicated skill of cooking! In the last chapter of Pirisan Sriskantharasa's Cooking Saga, Pirisan Sriskantharasa learnt how to made sandwiches, which is a giant leap towards the world of cooking! Pirisan Sriskantharasa was so excited about his new skills that he made the sandwiches for his crew again the new day, the only thing is, he made them exactly the same way he made the last sandwiches and again the day after, he's abit lazy and also scared at the same time to tried to change his receipe, what happen if he's sandwich turned bad if he changed the receipe? What happen if he fergot the new found skills after changing the receipe and failed? Those thoughts were occupying our young hero, Pirisan Sriskantharasa's mind all this time. But, sadly, on the fourth day, his family members finished the material Pirisan Sriskantharasa used to made his sandwiches and didn't restock it! Pirisan Sriskantharaza had no choice but to buy food for lunch again that day, and as the materials were not restocked the day after, Pirisan Sriskantharasa have to buy the lunch again the day after again...will our hero, Pirisan Sriskantharasa continue it like this and forgot the skills of cooking he just learnt? Or will he finally decided to restock the fridge himself? Or will he learn new receipe even? Found out more on the next exciting episode of Pirisan Sriskantharasa's Cooking Saga!

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