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Post by Yeuyo on Sat May 25, 2013 7:27 pm

Chapter 1:
In the 21th century, there was a girl that is unlike any other, she was known as Ragi Yogeswaran. She was about the height of 160cm, about a head short compare to our previous hero, Pirisan Sriskantharasa. She was obedient to her parents, but tends to disobey her Akka
elder sister
orders/commands just to piss her off(yes, we know, she's so kurumputtanam
sometime.) She is very hard working and almost always the first in her class...until she aged 18, she then finally gets a choice in her future career, but, as we mentioned before, she was unlike any other girl, she didn't like to be a doctor, neither a nurse like traditional tamil choices, instead, she choose the exact opposite, the job that is traditionally meant for guys, engineering! Not just any engineering, it's CIVIL ENGINEERING! Sometime a normal person would least expect it from a normal female teenage tamil choices!
So, how will she fend in the new environment for her? Will she succeed like she have always been? Will she guideher new classmates to sucess like she always does last time? Or will she mix with the wrong group and gets diverted from her pure intention? Will she still be obedient to her parents? Or will she actually improve and be obedient towards her sister too!? Stay tuned for the next episode of the Ragi Yogeswaran's New Life Saga!

Chapter 2:
Welcome back to chapter 2 of Ragi Yogeswaran's New Life Saga!
In Ragi Yogeswaran's very first year, Ragi Yogeswaran still don't quite know anyone yet, so Ragi Yogeswaran wasn't really doing anything that's out of ordinary for Ragi Yogeswaran compare to Ragi Yogeswaran's earlier life. The only person Ragi Yogeswaran sort of talk to is known as Saba Korxar, of which naturally become Ragi Yogeswaran's best friend for most part of Ragi Yogeswaran's first year experience in Ragi Yogeswaran's university life, Ragi Yogeswaran has also met few other interesting students in her course, Pirisan Sriskantharasa the legendary chicken who loves chicken and can't cook and Y^2 who sleeps in all lectures to name a few, overall there's not much changes to Ragi Yogeswaran's lifestyle. However, at the near end of the first year, there was a unusual happening for Ragi Yogeswaran in the course of the subject Ragi Yogeswaran has choosen, which require Ragi Yogeswaran to go for a 5 days 4 nights geology field trip which aims at letting the students understand the soils better, this is the very first time Ragi Yogeswaran have to stay overnight somewhere that is not with Ragi Yogeswaran's family and naturally Ragi Yogeswaran's family was very worried for Ragi Yogeswaran, but they couldn't do much as this subject is of Ragi Yogeswaran's wish herself, so they her be. It seems the first year may have not much effect on Ragi Yogeswaran's immediate life style, but it seems like it starting to take effect, will Ragi Yogeswaran lifestyle remain the same? Will Ragi Yogeswaran remain as 'pure' as she used to be? Or will Ragi Yogeswaran turned for the worst? Stay tuned for the next chapter of Ragi Yogeswaran's New Life Saga!

Chapter 3:
Welcome back to Ragi Yogeswaran's New Life Saga chapter 3!
It seems Ragi Yogeswaran manage to live her life peacefully pass the first year of the course of her choice, but the second year will prove more of a challenge than it seems, there's more stuff that actually manage to get our little heroin to think more before she can understand, but throughout her course, she have also started talking to male classmates of which is very new to our little heroin experience, she started getting more and more used to them until she actually started taunting one of her closest friend, Pirisan Sriskantharasa, or the legendary chicken for short to cook, of which of course, as a chicken, he can't do, for more stories about this part of the story, be sure to check out his saga at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]!

As Ragi Yogeswaran get used to her new found friends more, she started to be like her old self when she's at home, in other words, she share more of her stories, though, by doing that, her friends found out how her lifestyle is, and as busybodies they are, they decided to 'help' our little heroin change her lifestyle, will it be for the better or the worse? Or maybe they just did it for mere entertainment! As the end of her year 2 is closing, there is another field trip for our little heroin, this time, her family is slightly more used to it, so it's less dramatic than last year's field trip, but it still does gets her family to be worried nonetheless, during this field trip, she enhanced her bonds with her new found friends more and one of her group members decided to form the legendary group we all know today as 'leveling crew'.

After the field trip, they prepare to study for their finals, but since the founding of the leveling crew, they decided to study in their crew for most of the parts, however, the founder herself, Saba Korxar, always ditch them and go study in other groups, however, that doesn't hinder the remaining crew from continuing their studies. Because there were no lectures and all the time Ragi Yogeswaran spent at university was with her new found friends, she actually got convinced to tried some cooked food outside her family cooked meal, though one of the main reason is also because of the limited amount of food choices she had because of bank holiday and most of the things are closed. During these few weeks of studying also, Ragi Yogeswaran have been going home late and stay at university beside the lecture time of which is new to Ragi Yogeswaran and her family, it seems our little heroin here started to change her life style bit by bit, what will happen next!?

After few weeks of hard work, the exam was finally over, they were briefed on the third year and the BEng subject choices and finally...they will be free after another week of assignment rushing.

Now that Ragi Yogeswaran's new found friends have found out Ragi Yogeswaran's lifestyle and decided to poke their nosy nose into Ragi Yogeswaran's life and change it for her, will she be changed? Now that they actually convinced her to start eating cooked food, Wedges, in university, will they go into further step? Will they get our innocent young heroin, Ragi Yogeswaran to start drinking soft drinks of which she have been dislike until now? Will Ragi Yogeswaran end up liking Cola like her dad? Or will they fail their futile effort in trying to change Ragi Yogeswaran? But since they manage to get her to eat cooked food outside her home cooked meal and that she have already started staying overnight at places without her family member next to her due to the course of her choice, will she remain the same? Or will she go back to how she once was? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Ragi Yogeswaran's New Life Saga!

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